Our Mission

My mission as an equine massage therapist is to cultivate both physical and mental well-being in horses, believing firmly in the interconnectedness of a horse’s body and mind. Through specialized massage techniques, I aim to create a tranquil environment that not only alleviates physical strain but also promotes mental peace. This approach is essential in bringing out a horse’s best potential, whether in competitive arenas or as cherished companions.

Why Equine Massage?

Just like people, our horses are athletes too. One of the most important things as athletes is to be in-tune with our bodies. We always want to feel our best to get further in our training, whatever it may be, and by having tight or sore muscles, that may affect our capability to reach our goals. Whether we are aiming for that world title, or to get through that pattern as fluidly as possible, massage is a great tool to help our horses get there. When we’re feeling sore we can sometimes get grumpy or moody, so why let our horses feel that way too? It is just as important to take good care of ourselves but also our steeds. Our horses do so much for us that we need to remember how important it is to do the same for them. Massage can be such a great way to help ease the stress on their bodies and in turn, relieve any tightness in their muscles.

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